El Rancho

El Rancho


There is a small convenience store on the ground floor of the house, and another opposite.  Ilumàn has a handful of restaurants, grocery shops and stalls, internet cafes, phone shops, and a small Sunday market for everyday needs.  Much greater variety can be found in Otavalo, which has been an Andean crossroads and trading town for thousands of years.  The family has worked at the colorful and varied Otavalo Saturday craft market for decades. There are two produce markets and an animal market, more than ten banks, and hundreds of shops in this famous shopping town.  There is also a large supermarket 3 minutes walk from Otavalo bus terminal.


A laundry woman comes to the house regulary, and there are facilities for you do wash your own clothes.


We speak Spanish and Quichua, and are very understanding and helpful to language learners.  We are happy to welcome you to learn in our house.   There are lots of language schools in Otavalo, and private tutors can be arranged.


Esthela is a great chef, who cooks traditional Ecuadorian food (platos típicos) for her family daily.  She cooks mostly locally often home grown food, such as corn grown 10m from the kitchen!  She is happy to teach or cook for you, and include you in family mealtimes, however if you prefer, you could cook for yourself.

Camping facilites

The garden has plenty of space for tents, and great views of the mountain, so if you prefer to camp, you are very welcome.  We have one large tent.

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